First blog post

Coffee is life. I wake up and the first thought that comes to mind is gotta make that delicious cup. I think about it all day. When will I have my next cup? Most people in my life don’t understand my love and passion of coffee and some complain that it doesn’t seem like a healthy obsession (are there any healthy obsessions?). The only coffee places close to where I live are Dunkin Donuts and 7-Eleven. If I want freshly ground, organic, delicious coffee I have to get on the Subway and take a 20 minute commute to Astoria, NY.

I took it upon myself to learn and somewhat master the art of making a delicious hipster worthy cup of coffee. I ordered my own French coffee press, a grinder, and some coffee beans. The results? AMAZING! I have never had such an amazing brew. The beans are illy (absolutely delicious) and after grinding the beans and soaking them in the coffee press for about 5 minutes I came up with the most smooth, rich cup of coffee. Honestly it’s the best I have ever had and it is way more cost effective (cafe cups usually go for 5 to 6 dollars). So I recommend you go get your supplies (I purchased mine off of Amazon) and make yourself an amazing cup of coffee. You’re welcome. img149317126920220170425_191022img1493171192977img1493171343748


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