Skin Health

People always ask me what my skin regimen is like. As much as I like makeup, I love to look at a blemish free glowing face without all the cover up. There are a lot of products out there and everyone has different skin types so of course you have to pick what works for you. I have experimented with all pharmacy skin care brands and nothing has worked. Some of them even made my skin situation worse. I finally decided to go for a higher end brands and dropped almost $300 on products. What ended up working for me was the Origins skin care line. All I needed (and all I continue to replenish) is the Checks and Balances face wash, a Perfect World moisturizer, and their Clear Improvement charcoal mask (which I use once a week).  After several months these products cleared my face of all blemishes/breakouts (of course the first two weeks I broke out even more which is  normal and you must continue with the skin care regimen).


Three years later and I am using the exact same regimen and it works beautifully. It costs about $100 for all three items but these products will last you for 2-3 months (and I use a lot of it). During the winter holiday season they have  a lot of full sized freebies when you purchase these items (I got a full sized mineral night cream $44 and Ginger body cream for free). Whenever I switch brands (now and then I will run out of the Origins wash/cream and will use some of by backup pharmacy brands) I break out! So definitely sticking to my skin regimen. Of course drinking lots of water is also a must and make sure to purchase a cream with SPF protection during the day. Oversized sunglasses are also important for around your eyes (sun exposure can cause wrinkles and crows feet).


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