It is very important to match your style/makeup to the time of day. People forget lighting is everything when it comes to your overall look. For my evening look I like to go for dramatic eyes and lips. The nighttime also calls for some bold statement jewelry. During the daytime, if I have somewhere to go like brunch with the girls, I like to go for more subtle looks with pink tones. The daytime is when my outfits are paired with delicate pieces of jewelry. And of course for my normal day to day I like to go for a completely makeup free look (photo below) and that’s why I am so diligent about keeping up with my skin care health.

In addition to my daily routine (which is mentioned in my earlier post), I also have a weekly routine which is just as important. On  a weekly basis I will use my Origins charcoal mask (which has been around way before the charcoal beauty craze). After using a mask it is very important to close up those pores. As soon as you use a mask your pores are open to the elements. Some people complain that they get more blackheads after a mask which makes sense. To close up those pores get a large bowl of water and ice and dip your face in it. Keep doing it for as long as you can handle it and it will make a huge difference in how your skin looks. Afterwards don’t forget to moisturize your skin.



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