Skin Health: Part 2

In my earlier post on skin health I talked about my daily skin care regimen. Now I will talk a little bit about my monthly skin care regimen and what I do when I have breakouts due to hormones and stress (or maybe I fell asleep and didn’t take my makeup off, it happens). Once a week I use my Origins charcoal mask and once a month (or when I can remember) I use Ole Henricksen’s power peel mask. When I first used the peel I didn’t see much of a difference, in fact after using it my pores became HUGE! I was scared I messed up my skin but after a couple of days they went back to normal. Then I discovered ice facials. You basically fill a large bowl with water and ice and dip your face in it for as long as you can. This not only feels great afterwards but helps close up your pores after any mask treatment.

In addition to the regimen mentioned above, now that the summer time is coming around I am trying to have a skin care regimen that includes UV protection. I am not a fan of facial moisturizers with SPF protection. These products are usually too heavy and almost always make me breakout. I am big fan of Refinery29 and they recently put out a great discussion about sunscreen powder (I have added the link below for you to check out). This is definitely something I will explore and shop for in the upcoming week. Hopefully I can find something affordable, all-natural, and effective.

Skin care is verify specific to each individual but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask others for advice. What tips do you have that have made a dramatic difference in your skin health? What questions do you have for me with regards to my regimen?

Always happy to share and collaborate,




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