Travel: Summer 2017


As my semester nears to an end, I can’t help but wonder what my summer plans will be. For now, the only thing on my schedule is working and saving up. Hopefully I will have enough by midsummer for a small getaway. I don’t usually plan an elaborate and pricey trip, but I make the most of my resources. My photo shows my last summer getaway to Florida where I visited relatives. They have a pool, a Cuban restaurant and, most importantly, great company.

A great summer experience doesn’t have to pricey. If you have the opportunity to getaway at a budget then just do it! If you don’t get a chance to have your room and board covered then look for more affordable deals like Airbnb (link is included below). All my friends who have traveled and used Airbnb have only positive experiences to share. You can always read reviews about the locations and the company does a lot to protect the guests.

If I don’t get the opportunity to travel I will definitely take time to explore all that NYC has to offer. Refinery29 has a great piece on day trips for New Yorkers that I will utilize as a guide this summer. Because life shouldn’t be all about work, you have to take a minute to smell the roses!

What summer activities do you enjoy in your hometown? What travel opportunities do you recommend?

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